My first coat.

How did I manage to create my first coat?

Well, that's a good question. I've always liked sewing, making pillows and fixing the hems of my pants, but that was when I was a child. 

About two years ago, I decided to buy a sewing machine on a Sunday afternoon. I wanted to sew a replica of one of my mother's tee shirts - a really old one with holes everywhere. She must have had that shirt since way before I was even born...

I loved it so much so I did it and it took me all day. I had to do the patterns myself - thanks Youtube. I had to choose the fabric, the buttons, the right needles, the thread; I was super excited. Well, it wasn't easy and this was not just a pillowcase at all.

I was not about to quit, actually I decided to make a coat. Basically, if it took me a day to make a tshirt, you can imagine how long it took me to make my first coat right? I'm still laughing at this coat :

What happened next is history. I made one coat after another. I used patterns found online like this one from Wear Limonade. Their website is so nice and every step is well explained with detailed short videos. 

I remember I used the Rosa Jacket from Wear Limonade, because I couldn't find the one I wanted. There were several details that just didn't seem right. For example the collar was too long and the sleeves weren't exactly how I envisioned them. Also the jacket was too short so I started to change things, add things and remove them. A all new pattern was born.

My coat was really shaky overall but I was proud. This coat really is the reason why Àrakö exists today. I worked very hard and spent all of my hours outside my day job to become better and better. It is extremely important for me to design all my pieces therefore I'm the one personally conceiving every aspect of my product from start to finish. I make all of the prototypes and Gina Osorio's Studio develops the patterns, samples and production.

The moral of the story is that the internet is an extraordinary encyclopedia nourished by interesting and passionate people. With patience, you can do everything you like.