My first bag.

How did I manage to create my first bag?

Which woman isn't passionate about her handbag? I know that I can browse on Pinterest for hours trying to find the perfect bag. Unfortunately, I always have a really precise idea of what I want. Too bad for me... 

Don't ask me why but I decided to create my own bag. I searched the entire internet (I'm exaggerating obviously) to see how a leather handbag was made. For example you can watch this Youtube video or this one. I did a ton of research and finally went to buy some leather and tools. The precision, concentration and patience it demanded was unbelievable. Never again will I say that a bag is too expensive. If you don't have the skills, just spend the money wisely on a purse you adore even if it means you have to save your money for a little while. It's worth it.

Let's get back to the original story. I managed to make a pattern for the bag with my experience in design (thanks coats) . A simple one and nothing fancy, a kind of brown leather bucket bag. It was a nightmare! My sewing machine wasn't fit to handle the job. Actually, please do not try to sew two layers of leather at home...

I was not discouraged and I was determined to make another one. This next bag would be a cross-body bag. This style handbag was the perfect size to me - easy to wear with everything. Chic, casual and professional. For example the Céline Classic Box Bag is a gorgeous bag. All A.P.C bags are amazing. Finally I went to see a professional (cobbler / bag and belt maker) to help me and it was fine.

I decided to give him another bag to work on. Meanwhile I decided to work at home with a leather that was easier to work with (less thick). I made a really simple tote bag and it only took me two hours.

Two months later, I had news from the cobbler. The bag was finished. I was so excited and I was eager to see the finished product. Little did I know, the bag wasn't finished at all! It was missing stitches etc. I thought to myself to consider the errors and just move forward from there. The fact that there were stitches missing actually gave the bag a sort of minimalistic look. This unfinished bag became the prototype for the Cartier bag.

For obvious reasons, I wasn't sure I wanted to go back to the same guy for my next project. It took way too long and the results weren't precise enough. I had to find someone else, a real pro. It was very difficult but I found someone for the production.

What I learned is that you have to try hard and even harder, over and over again, in order to achieve what you really want. Never get too discouraged  when you are passionate about something.